• New World

    New World is from 2001, but Rob never wrote down the music and had no idea how it went. So the lyrics are the originals, with little tweaks for phrasing, but the music was written at the end of 2011. Possibly the longest it has taken Rob to complete a song yet.

  • Independent Love Child

  • Tell Me What You Would Do

    "Life ain't easy, it's a rough ride".

  • No Answers

    No Answers was written for HowManyDevils but was never finished and never given to the band. The version here is heavily re-written.

  • Come Dance With Me

    Come Dance With me describes a chance meeting that either changed the course of Rob's life, or didn't, as he can't remember if he answered yes or no...

  • Not To Blame

    "I wrote this song over 20 years ago and have no idea now what I was on about".

  • Soultaker

    "Soultaker, You smashed my dreams, Soultaker, I'm right here for you". This was one of the songs with Broken Dreams that gave the album its title. It dates back to 1989/1990.


    And God said

    You shall be avenged...

    "Deceased Bob and Decomposing Barry tour Eastern Europe on a Student Railcard (expired)" was originally suggested as a name for the band formed after the demise of HowManyDevils but after that became an abandoned novel, then an incomplete comcept album. And God said sees Bob (played by Rob) and Barry (played by PJ Benson) discover they are dead and have a job to do.

  • For All The Fools

    The 'proper' version of For All The Fools is on These Idle Hands, which is Complicity volume 2. At the time, around 1999/2000, Rob was feeling experimental and reworked the song with orchestration and odd time signatures.

  • The End

    "Maybe we are now friends, I hope so".

  • Destruction Junkie

    is Rob McCormack

  • Complicity volume 3

    The Complicity series is Rob's project to record every song he has ever written, catching all those that fell by the wayside. Broken Dreams contains songs from as far back as 1990 and as recently as 2008.

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